TORUS GROUP is a high-tech company that combines technology, business and software products. We accumulate experience, drive and speed and bring to life the most daring ideas, in the trend of trends in the market.

About our company
We grow every day and help others grow: we study new technologies, develop innovative solutions for complex projects, give young professionals an opportunity to find their place in the IT field.

Our services
We provide comprehensive services for the development, technical support and technical control of automated information and analytical financial programs.
Creation of commercially valuable information for users through data analysis.
We bring high quality customer and user experience to the market.
All ideas for innovative products and technologies are developed in-house.
We use the latest technology to build a microservice architecture.
Our clients are Our partners!
Diversified service portfolio and, accordingly, a variety of projects, allows us not only to grow steadily, but also to provide extensive development opportunities for our clients.
Our focus is long-term partnership, both with our customers and employees.

Our advantages
We offer our clients competitive prices for services
The rule of our company is the execution of contracts on time
We guarantee the high quality of our services
An innovative approach to solving complex problems. We are interested in solving unsolvable problems, and we know how to do it.
Contact us
Our contact
+44 131-618-72-72
+33 768-257-227
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